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About Us

This site was designed to spread the joy of golf by sharing stories, strategies, tips, tricks, insights, and outcomes of the casual golfer.  Casual Golfers United is made up of those who don’t take themselves or this game too seriously but would like to improve their game through trying new approaches to overcome our weaknesses.

If you shoot in the 90s or more, this page is for you.  We are the golfers who are not going pro anytime soon but love it when the shot goes right or when we sink that 40′ birdie putt.  We chase that feeling of a great shot sailing exactly where we planned.

About Me:

I have been playing golf off and on since I was 10.  It has become more on in the last few years.  Golf holds a fun fascination for me with the physical mechanics of the swing and mental fortitude it takes to concentrate for 18 holes.  This game humbles and challenges me every time I step on the course.

Dan in kilt
Playing my Robertson Hunting kilt each year.
  • Handicap: 14
  • Favorite club: Taylormade M2 6 hybrid
  • Favorite golf course: Heron Glen Golf Club
  • Favorite golfer: my dad

Golf Book reviews

We will read and review books on golf and find out what wisdom and humor within we can use.

Golf Course reviews

We will look at courses and talk about the experience of playing that course.

Training Aid Product review

Many products promise to fix our golf game.  Are they worth it?  We will find out.

  • If you have a product you would like us to review, please contact us and we will give it a fair shake.

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