Architects Golf Club is Well Put Together

Sometimes you don’t want to play one golf course but 18 different golf course in a day or in one round.  Then I have the place for you: Architects Golf Club.  This golf course in Phillipsburg, NJ can use the uncommon descriptive word for a golf course: variety.

Teravista Golf Club Course Review

I get to enjoy golf courses in my business life.  The most common experience remains a nice scramble tournament for charity where no one takes it too seriously.  Everyone knows the day will end in a few doors prizes and a good meal.  This gives us time to enjoy the course and the networking under…

White Clay Creek Country Club Humbles Me (Again)

There are golf courses that offer the whole package to a golfer: challenging course, great amenities, and no mercy.  White Clay Creek Country Club is that kind of course.  I played this course many many times over the years and donated countless golf balls.  Despite the frustration, I keep coming back.

Mountain View Golf Club Course is Worth the Journey

Mountain View is part of the Mercer County golf courses which includes Mercer Oaks East and West and Princeton Country Club.  Mountain View weaves its way through Mercer county and its hills.  Some fairway angle left to right or reverse forcing drives to be aimed up hill to stick to the fairway.

Bunker Hill Golf Course Review

Bunker Hill is either hilly or it is flat so the golf course changes its mind through the day.  The holes near the clubhouse, which sits atop a hill, offer the greatest challenges with elevation shifts and water running at the hill’s bottom across the fairways.  The rest of the golf course is flat but a few doglegs force players to hit smart not far.  The rolling hills can make some tee shots somewhat or completely blind.  Tribal knowledge helps on these holes.

Heron Glen Golf Course: Hidden Gem of Hunterdon County

Heron Glen is fun course that offers subtle challenges. The course has mild elevation changes but some fairways tilt to one side favoring drives to the other side. There are several environmental areas to carry but the course provides drop areas on the other side for shots that do not clear them.