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Golf Club Art/Displays

Don’t ask me how but I started working on displaying golf clubs in a unique way. It began moving into a new house and needing to fill the walls in my office (Casual Golfers United HQ). It started with binding some old clubs in the garage with copper wire and then my imagination took off. I was off to the hardware stores and flea markets and relatives closets in search of supplies and inspiration.

Here are examples of my work.

Golf Club Coat of Arms #1

golf clubs

1st work with opposing (left and right hand) wooden driver with wooden putter down middle.

Golf Club Coat of Arms #2

2nd attempt with six irons and two woods bound with copper wire.

Wooden Putter Stand

putter stand, golf club stand

Golf Club Shadow Box

Display for a Callaway 1996 Big Bertha 1 and 2 iron.

This was a labor of love. So proud of this from scratch idea and execution. Took so many new tools and mistakes to come our with this cool display.

Gio Izett Wood Collection

Clubs once belonged to my grandmother.

Designed a stream line mount for three woods that did not take up too much wall space.