5 Ways to Cheat to Get Better at Golf

One of golf’s greatest gift to young kids learning to play can be found in the lesson of integrity and truthfulness.  Golf teaches kids to score what you shot and not to cheat.  Those who lie about scores expose themselves later on the course and lose their credibility.  Sometimes though a little cheating can go…

The Downhill Lie

Carl Hiaasen is a writer with 14 novels to his credit and writes for the Miami Herald.  With support from his publisher, family and friends, he decided to pick golf up again after not playing since his teenage years.  The journey is tracked in the book between chapters and diary entries dated by days since he started playing golf again.  The goal of the book and Carl’s golf game is the member guest tournament at Carl’s local course.

Control Your Golf Swing Tempo to Increase Your Success

Once I felt comfortable with the rhythm, I applied it to my swing.  On the first beat, the BOP, I started my swing. On the second beat, my backswing was half way done.  On the third beat, I completed my back swing and initiated the downswing.  On the fourth beat, I made contact and struck the ball in a smooth hit.  I let another bar play before setting up for another hit.

White Clay Creek Country Club Course Review

There are golf courses that offer the whole package to a golfer: challenging course, great amenities, and no mercy.  White Clay Creek Country Club is that kind of course.  I played this course many many times over the years and donated countless golf balls.  Despite the frustration, I keep coming back.

Use Your Imagination at the Driving Range

The driving range is the place for practice so treat it like a practice round. This technique requires three things to work: knowledge of a course and its scorecard, a good imagination, and being honest with yourself.

The Constanza Conflict Resolution

Seinfeld was one of the best tv shows off all time. When it aired it was a show that my parents, grandparents and I could relate to and laugh about. George Constanza and his neurotic tendencies made for some great comic moments.

Breed Precision Putting Strip Review

Take your Putting Strip and lay it down in your house or on a putting green.  Work on getting the ball to roll the length of the tape without veering off before exiting the strip at the end.

Just off of the Green: Putt or Pitch?

The drive landed 170 yard from the pin in the middle of the fairway.  The next shot will require a bit of luck and skill with the wind in your face and the front of the green is raised just a bit.  You pull the club out of the bag and swing away.  You aimed…

We Need to New Golf Slang Term

Golfers built their own unique vocabulary for certain shots of achievements.  There are some amazing things golfers take credit for when it comes to playing with golf balls.  Through the rich history of playing new golf slang terms have come about.

The Seven Principles of Golf by Darrin Gee

This is a cerebral golf book Like Zen Golf. Grab a cigar and sit on the porch and meditate on this book. Read it once and put it down for a few months. Midseason, pick it back up and see what principles you are applying and which you should try out. This is a good reference book to put on your shelf.

5 Ways to Slay Your Golfing Nemesis

Once you play a golf course three times, there arises one hole that has you number and throws your scorecard down the kitchen garbage disposal.  You will be chugging along hitting your normal shots and then turn the cart path to THAT tee box and your heart drops.  This hole creates more snowmen than a Vermont winter.  After that damn hole, your mental game wobbles near ruins and you struggle to find your groove.