Mastering Golf’s Mental Game Makes You Think

The physical aspect of golf is relatively simple and takes 1.2 seconds.  The rest of the 4.5 hour round is waiting for your turn to swing.  During this time, each golfer must work to maintain their concentration and re-engage before stepping up to their next shot.  Dr. Michael Lardon wrote Mastering Golf’s Mental Game to help each of us build a stronger mental golf game.

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect Book Review

The mental aspects of golf fascinate me at my age compared to my youth.  When I was young, it was all about “grip it and rip it and go find it in the woods.”  Now, I like the strategy of the game and holding onto my mental fortitude as longs I can or until the drink…

Ben Hogan’s Power Golf: Classic Swing Breakdown

Many and many books cover golf and all its points.  If you are looking for a book to cover the basic physical and technical aspects of the golf swing, Ben Hogan’s Power Golf is a great reference book.  I loaned this book in the past to a friend who was looking to get into golf….

The Downhill Lie is an Uplifting Tale

Carl Hiaasen is a writer with 14 novels to his credit and writes for the Miami Herald.  With support from his publisher, family and friends, he decided to pick golf up again after not playing since his teenage years.  The journey is tracked in the book between chapters and diary entries dated by days since he started playing golf again.  The goal of the book and Carl’s golf game is the member guest tournament at Carl’s local course.

The Seven Principles of Golf by Darrin Gee

This is a cerebral golf book Like Zen Golf. Grab a cigar and sit on the porch and meditate on this book. Read it once and put it down for a few months. Midseason, pick it back up and see what principles you are applying and which you should try out. This is a good reference book to put on your shelf.

I Golf Therefore I Am – NUTS! by George Fuller

George Fuller wrote this book with short stories or antidotes of his golfing experiences.  He has played golf all around the world, written for magazines, and played with professionals and hackers alike.  From this wealth of time on golf courses, he writes about all aspects of golf with a sharp wit and colorful humor.  

Duffer’s Guide to Bogey Golf

When I originally started this website, I toyed with the idea of calling it “Duffer Nation.” I liked the word duffer to describe a golfer who is not consistent. The more I read into it I learned that a duffer is just above a hacker in golfer nomenclature. I wanted the site to attract a…

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book by Harvey Penick

What does a lifetime of knowledge of golf nurtured by years of playing and teaching look like? It is a book filled with insights and stories of some of the best golfers who every played written like you are having a conversation with a sage in rocking chairs looking over the 18th putting green.

Zen Golf by Dr. Joseph Parent

Dr. Parent will not be talking about grip position or weight shifting during downswing or ball placement. This book takes on the most difficult element of the game of golf, the mental aspect.