The Grint is Great

Statistics is a bit of a draw to golf for me.  I like looking for trends and see how my game improves or degrades.  At one time, I considered building a spreadsheet to track scores and compute handicap.  I found an app to track scores and compute handicap but I wanted more.  While playing at Scotland Run, my cart mate showed me the app he used to score his round and track his progress: The Grint.

Callaway Connect-Easy Locks You Into A Good Swing

I did a review a little while ago on the Callaway Swing-Easy and I will admit that I copy and pasted most of that review here for the Callaway Connect-Easy.  The two devices are the same on most elements in design and swing correction.  There are some differences and you should read this to see…

Callaway Swing-Easy Training Aid: Funny Yet Functional

Many golfers will allow their right elbow (left if you are  a leftie) to chicken wing out at the top of the backswing.  This break in swing structure results in most golfers to swing out to in resulting in a fade or slice.  The Swing-Easy keeps your elbows close and helps to swing in to out.

Flatball: Do They Fall Flat?

The package comes with six Flatballs to practice with so don’t take these to the range.  The backyard will be the best practice area but you will need grass cut down to fairway length or a mat to hit off of.

Breed Precision Putting Strip Review

Take your Putting Strip and lay it down in your house or on a putting green.  Work on getting the ball to roll the length of the tape without veering off before exiting the strip at the end.

Take Clicgear 3.5+ Push Cart for Stroll

Has walking become a lost age of golf?  I say no and if you enjoy walking it is even more enjoyable to push your club of a cart.  To enjoy a good walk on the golf course, you need a good push cart.  The Clicgear 3.5+ offers light weight, easy control, security of golf bag, and places to hold what you need to hit the course.  

True Line Putting Disc Review

The packaging for the Putting Disc states that it will provide “instant feedback” on how your club face is at impact.   Anything than a straight roll is the result of the club face being open or closed.

FootJoy VersaLux Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoes

The FootJoy VersaLux is my third pair of FootJoy spikeless shoes.  I find FootJoy shoes very comfortable and will wear them home form the course if I am in a hurry or just still thinking of how the hell I double bogeyed #18.  I have worn my VersaLux on cartpath only days and come home without needing to put on a pair of dry socks.  The shoes offer great protection from wet conditions.

The Pill Will Cure Your Putting Woes

Looking at the Pill, the physical description is a golf ball with its sides shaved off. The Pill has the same weight and feels like a full golf ball. Contact produces the same sound. The lack of sides makes the Pill unstable when not struck correctly and that is what it is designed to help with.

Momentus Swing Trainer Review

            The Momentus Swing Iron Trainer is a heavy weighted club with the same length and loft as a standard 7 iron. The molded grip helps to correct my grip into the proper position. If I find my swing feel begin to slip away, I grab my Momentus and get my hands back into position.