Mastering Golf’s Mental Game Makes You Think

The physical aspect of golf is relatively simple and takes 1.2 seconds.  The rest of the 4.5 hour round is waiting for your turn to swing.  During this time, each golfer must work to maintain their concentration and re-engage before stepping up to their next shot.  Dr. Michael Lardon wrote Mastering Golf’s Mental Game to help each of us build a stronger mental golf game.

The Sacred Golf Swing Routine Explored

My first draft of this article I described this state of golf as the Pre Golf Swing.  While researching it, I paged through Zen Golf and Dr. Parent called it the Swing Routine.  I liked that name because it has an element of repetition by using the word routine.  Routines are done almost at the subconscious level.   I understand that Routine Ritual are redundant but I am trying to hammer home a point.

If you can grip it and rip it and land in the fairway 95% of the time, by all means have at it.  I salute you.  For the rest of us, the ritual helps to focus us and ensure a quality swing.

Front 9/Back 9: Tale of Myself as 2 Golfers

This past week, I played White Clay Creek and experienced the greatest up and down of my golf game in a long time.  Unfortunately, the down was a big down on the back 9.  I shot a 101 which was the worst round in a long time and what made it more painful was my front 9 was a 44 including coming back from an 8 on the par 4 first hole. So what happened to cause a massive self destruction on the back 9 and why did I need heed my own advice I posted on this blog? (besides being an idiot?)

Callaway Swing-Easy Training Aid: Funny Yet Functional

Many golfers will allow their right elbow (left if you are  a leftie) to chicken wing out at the top of the backswing.  This break in swing structure results in most golfers to swing out to in resulting in a fade or slice.  The Swing-Easy keeps your elbows close and helps to swing in to out.

How Do I Review/Rate a Golf Course

When I started this website, I wanted to share my experiences on golf courses with others to save golfers from wasting afternoons on poor courses.  You should know if a course is worth your time and money.  I am not a big fan of the modern Yelp 5 star reviews since most 5 stars are…

9 Tips to Running a Successful Charity Golf Tournament

I am honored to chair the Greater Washington Business Aviation Association’s (GWBAA) golf tournament for close to 10 years.  Each year, we raise money for the association, the Aero Club of Washington Foundation and Corporate Angel Network.  It is a fun day in support of aviation.  I fell into this job as the president of…

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect Book Review

The mental aspects of golf fascinate me at my age compared to my youth.  When I was young, it was all about “grip it and rip it and go find it in the woods.”  Now, I like the strategy of the game and holding onto my mental fortitude as longs I can or until the drink…

Using Hybrid Clubs with Wedge Style Golf Swing

I started playing with this style some time last year.  I found myself not hitting my irons very well and getting frustrated.  I was chopping my irons into the ground or hitting behind the ball when I was trying to hit too hard.  At that time, I had a 4 TaylorMade Rocketballz hybrid and just picked up a 5 of the same brand to replace my 4 and 5 irons.  I started to use the 5 hybrid to hit a 150 yard shot instead of my 7 iron.  And it worked!

5 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Round of Golf

We have all had that day or played with that other golfer having that monumental bad round of golf.  Nothing goes right and in fact everything has gone wrong.  The golf gods have spited you and are making you pay for past golfing sins.  Trees seem to reach out to grab your ball.  Squirrels dispatch…

Teravista Golf Club Course Review

I get to enjoy golf courses in my business life.  The most common experience remains a nice scramble tournament for charity where no one takes it too seriously.  Everyone knows the day will end in a few doors prizes and a good meal.  This gives us time to enjoy the course and the networking under…