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Golf Chit Chat Starter Pack

Are you new to golf and feel uncomfortable talking to stranger? Do dinner parties with your spouse fill you with dread trying to be instant friends with her coworkers’ spouses who you know nothing about? Golf can be like that kind of dinner party if you are paired with another twosome or you are the single paired with three strangers. Lucky for you, I have go the cliche comments and conversation starters to help you handle it like a tap in putt.

There are several areas of conversation during a round of golf. Let’s a take a look at each and arm you with some go to phrases to save your day

Golf Shot Compliment

Golf is a gentlemen’s (and ladies’) game which requires a certain level of civility. Complimenting another player for just playing the game is standard protocol. You need to be ready with some good compliments that boost another person’s ego because golfers are more fragile than actresses in Hollywood.

  • A Good Drive = “Right down the middle. Easy game from the short grass.”
  • Approach Shot to the Green = “Pin and high and looking at a birdie.”
  • Putt in a for Par = “Golf is such an easy game.”

Poor Shot Comments

Sometimes in golf things do not go our way. For me, it is quite often. Instead of sitting in silence and letting the moment stew and create more awkwardness, here are some comments to lighten the mood:

  • Drive Wide Right = “I got a line on it. Second tree to the right of the cart path.” (You better speak true true)
  • Lipped Out Putt = “You were robbed. That was a nice run at it with pace and line.”
  • Hit a Tree on the Drive = “I swear i saw that tree lean out and grab you ball from the air. Must be controlled by the pro shop.”

Tee Box Banter

18 times during a round of golf you will be standing with your new friends on the tee box. Here are some conversation starters. The goal is to get the focus off of you and get the others talking because golfers love talking about three things: themselves, their golf game, and where they played golf.

  • Favorite Golf Course = “Where is your favorite golf course?”
  • Nearby Recommendations = “What other golf courses in the area do you like to play?”
  • Favorite Hole on the Golf Course = “How do you attach #16?” (This takes some knowledge of the course)
Tee shot on the 18th hole 176 yard Par 3 18th hole.

Banter No Nos

Like anything, there are missteps you should avoid, conversation killers. You might mean well but you overstepped your bounds. Once said, they cannot be unsaid and you get enjoy uncomfortable silence for a hole or two.

  • Unrequested Swing Analysis/Suggestions = “Do you know what I do to stop slicing my drives?”
  • Missed Putts = “Is that your third 3 putt in a row?”
  • Skill Level = “Are you sure the blue tees are where you should be playing from?”

Notice all three examples were yes or no questions. Each question forced the recipient to look at their reality and offered a paper cut and lemon juice chaser to their ego. Bad form.

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