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Turtle Point on Kiawah. Nuff Said

Golf is part of my family dynamic. Not the whole family but the select few of us have golf pulsing through our veins. My Uncle Ed is a natural golfer and is always up for a round of golf. In July, we got together on Kiawah Island, SC for a couple of rounds. The first round was on Turtle Point. I will just say “Wow.” and this review is done.

Turtle Point Overview

Like all the golf courses on Kiawah, Turtle Point is golfing perfection. My complaint with this immaculate course is with my aiming method of picking an aiming point a yard off my ball. The damn fairways are sooooooo green there was nothing to aim to. The course is beautiful and the three holes that parrallel the ocean are awesomely challenging.

If I Ran Turtle Point

The only thing to add would be more water coolers around the course. the 1st and 10th tee box had bottle water but no where else. And we were playing in mid-July. Steamy!

Favorite Hole

The 15th hole is a par 4 that is just off the ocean. The hole slices between dunes on the left and condos on the right. The best drive will fly over some rough to a landing area that grab any too strong drives down the left side. It is a beautiful hole with a nice level of challenge and strong ocean breeze.

Is Turtle Point Worth the Money?

Yes. The course is pricey compared to my normal local weekend golfing budget but this is a checklist course. Make a trip of it and play as many of Kiawah’s courses over a weekend.

My review is slightly influenced by the 87 I shot that day. I was swinging well and enjoying the course from 1st to 18th hole. I also crushed a shot to the 18th green green from 200 yards out.

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