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Open Letter to Golf Writers

This is my fourth “Open Letter” article (Golf Pros, Driving Ranges, and myself) I would like to address the authors of the countless golf tomes. As this exercise continues, I am nearing the need to write my golfing manifesto and taking up residence in the woods to the right of the 3rd fairway. I do not expect anyone to heed my limited wisdom and insight but I feel the need to express myself.

To All Golf Writers

Dear golf writers,

Thank you for all your insight and expertise into the seemingly simple yet complex game of golf. It takes time and courage to pour your knowledge on the pages of a book and enter the highly competitive literature market. I have a piece of advice from the causal golfers who want to get better yet feel your message is missing us.

The key message I want to share is that I and my fellow causal golfers are not professional golfers nor shall we ever be. We lack the advanced dexterity skills, muscle control, minute mental focus, razor sharp mental constitution, and hours of logged practice of the professional golfer. Please stop trying to compare them to us.

I find the name dropping a bit annoying. It is clear your career propelled you into the highest of golfer social circles due to your ability to help this high profile players earn millions. There is no denying that if you can help (enter player name) drop 4 strokes per round equates to titles and glory.

Books pull me in when the teacher describes a player similar to me and my problems. I can identify with Dawn who has trouble out the traps and you show her a drill to open the club face. Ron and I also end up fading our drives OB after the 7th hole. Bill three putts most par threes just like me.

This suggestion is akin to the golf pro who uses video side by side comparison of my swing to the pro of the day. I get it but I am me and swing form falls apart if I try to get the club head speed of a pro.

The golf writer who writes about the common golfer will earn the attention of the rest of the casual golfers in the world. So, to all the driving range pros, it is your time to shine. Take all your pointers to the casual golfer and jot them down and right the best golf book ever written. Your audience is waiting.

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