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Hopewell Valley Golf: New Found Gem

Sometimes you have to branch away from the familiar and try something new. That is what happened on my latest trip to Jersey. My dad and I always play Heron Glen. It is one of our favorite courses. This trip, my dad said he found a new course that just opened to the public, Hopewell Valley Golf & Country Club. My dad got us a tee time which was easy since this gem has not been discovered yet. We set off to play this course and I had a set of rental clubs.

Hopewell Valley Golf Overview

Course management decided recently to open its doors to the public. I imagine as a way to survive in the modern golf economy. The course was in very good shape and the staff could not have been nicer. I did find the location of the driving range up on the hill a funny locale but you work with what you got. I played with a nice rental set of clubs that were ready to go when we showed up.

If I Ran Hopewell Valley Golf

Not much I can say about fixing Hopewell Valley. The course is well laid out and in good shape.

My Favorite Hole at Hopewell Valley Golf

I really enjoyed the 16th hole and I say that because I played it really well. My tee shot allowed me to smash my rental 3 wood to the green and two putt for birdie. This was the tipping point for me to get a 3 wood after not playing with one for almost a decade.

Is Hopewell Valley Worth the Money?

Yes. Partly due to the fact we breezed through the course hardly seeing a sole. The other side is that the course is fun to play and in good shape. For those in or visiting central Jersey, add this course to your to play list.

Hopewell Valley golf Contact Info:

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  1. I’ll definitely have to check this place out! Is it completely open to the public for the whole tee sheet daily, or is it semi-private with only a few times available?

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