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English Turn Golf Club Makes a Splash

New Orleans is city full of great food, incredible architecture, crazy bachelorette parties and steamy heat in the summer. I recently visited this fine city for a business conference and got to play English Turn Golf and Country Club. It was a beautiful sunny day in June which meant it was bloody hot. Despite the heat, I enjoyed this course and its challenging greens.

English Turn Golf Club Overview

English Turn was designed by Jack Nicklaus which means the holes favor a fade play as Jack likes. My foursome played from the blues which did not make the course all that more difficult since it only added 382 more yards over 18 holes. What makes this course challenging at times is the shape and size of the greens. The greens often resemble kidney beans turned so that the length of the bean is perpendicular to the path of the fairway which means laying up offers a better run at the hole. If you can drop an approach stop and make it stick, you have nothing to worry about. I did.

English Turn Golf Club

If I Ran English Turn Golf Club

Kind of presumptuous to think I can run/design a course better than Jack Nicklaus. My one complaint was the lack of poker chips to add to my collection. A golf tournament the previous week cleaned out the pro shop. So, yeah. Take that Jack.

View of English Turn Golf Club

My Favorite Hole at English Turn Golf Club

The 15th hole is the one you are there to play. This 505 yard par 5 offers a winner take all second shot for those who land on the right side of the fairway without rolling into the drink. I landed there and my partner said “You have to. You just do.” And I did and I chunked it into the drink (twice). The green is a sand trap guarded island. Despite these dangers the hole can be played aggressively or layup but it is a challenge all the same.

Is English Turn Worth the Money?

Yes. If you are in the Big Easy, take the drive out and play this fun course. When you get to the 15th hole, let a few rip at the green because that is a hole that can reward bravery with glory.

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