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Rental Golf Clubs Should Include 3 Mulligans

This summer I went up to Jersey to hang out with my parents. My dad and I played a round of golf at Hopewell Valley Golf and Country Club. Since this would be the only round of golf I would play on the trip, I decided to rent clubs from the course instead of lugging mine through the airport. I learned a lot about the rental clubs and my golf swing.

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Rental Golf Club Benefits

It is common for the golf courses to offer up rental clubs that are present year models. This affords golfers the opportunity to try clubs before buying them. I played with clubs not in my golf bag like a 3 wood and a multitude of irons. It was a fun way to see if my golf clubs needed to be replace.

Rental Golf Club Dangers

The issue I ran into came down to the shaft flex on the driver and three wood. Due to my club head speed, I play with stiff shafts. The rental golf clubs were normal flex which could not keep up with my swing and sent my drives to the right. To combat the looser flex, I slowed my swing speed down. The ball then popped off the driver down the middle of the fairway.

Of course with my hybrid/wedge style, I ran into several issues. I tried to use the irons but found myself hozzling the shots into the woods. the hybrid in the bag was a 3 so it did not provide a lofty shot for par 3s. It took me half the round to find a swing to match the rental golf clubs.

Have Fun

If you play with a set of rental clubs, just relax and enjoy them. If you hit some errant shots, blame the clubs and take a drop. You might just end up loving them and checking online to buy a set. Most likely you are on vacation. Enjoy the course and leave the scorecard alone.



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