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Playing Signature Golf Course Hole

There we stood on 15th fairway of English Turn Golf and Country Club staring at the picturesque island green. Matt and I had spanked our drives far with slight fades to land on the right side of the fairway. The green sat perched 190 away as the crow flies. “We might not play this course again.” Matt said surveying the shot. “We have to go for it.” He was right and I paid the price.

My Conservative Style

I play a conservative style of bogey golf where I prefer to be short of the green allowing for a chip to the hole. This makes it hard to birdie if I am not on the green but it keeps me out of green side bunkers and relies on my short game. I can play this way on courses I know and play often but what about those excursions to course I may never play? Also what about signature holes that define a golf course?

This is fine but what about THOSE golf holes that at too beautiful of an oasis. There is a chance of glory playing holes know around the world. Here I must abandon the strategy that keeps my fragile golfing ego in tacked to play such a great signature golf course hole.

Playing Signature Golf Course Hole

Some course architects save their tricks for that one hole on the hole that will be in every brochure or website banner. The hole will be unique from the rest and be worth a pause to admire. These holes warrant a carefree attitude. Cut corners. Reach for the next club up. Carry that water. Deep breath and just swing.

My YOLO Fail Moment

As we return to the story at English Turn, I tried to muscle up my 4 hybrid over the water. The swing felt tight due to over muscle engagement and resulted in the club head smashing the ground inches behind the ball. The ball plopped into the water 20′ down the line.

English Turn Golf Club

I grunted and smacked the club head down. I tried again further up and failed yet again. The hole won that day as my scorecard was left smoldering in the ash tray. I do not regret it because IF my shot had landed I would remember that eagle opp forever.

What signature golf hole did you try a shot that was very much risk/reward?

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