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Mulligan’s Law: Doink Doink

There are laws that dictate how the world spins and our lives flow. From Newton’s laws of physics to Isaac Asamov’s laws of robotics, our lives are given meaning and structure that we can understand and embrace. Golf is no different with our patron saint, Thomas Mulligan. His wisdom was collected and produced the book Mulligan’s Law.

This book is a clever and humorous collection of quips that are akin to Murphy’s laws. Each of Mulligan’s laws ring true with anyone who has swung a golf club.

Below are a few of my favorites:

Mulligan’s Law

Mulligan’s Laws: Buy, Borrow, Bypass?

This book is a fun collection that can be thumbed through in mere minutes. It would make a good gift for a semiserious golfer.

Other Books by Henry Beard

Henry Beard is one of the founding members of National Lampoon magazine. He has penned a vast collection of humorous book spanning topics of language to cats to golf. Here are some other golf books he wrote:

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