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My Short Game Weapons

There is the old saying that I will credit to Greg Norman:

Drive for show. Putt for dough.

There is a stage of golf missing, the short game. I find the short game to be the most challenging and rewarding skill set as a golfer. Nothing make me pump my fist like a chip that stops for an easy tap in. I also discovered that there is not one tool in my bag that is my sole short game club. Of the 10 clubs I presently carry, 4 represent short game options. Today, I want to share my short game weapons of choice.

Short Game Weapons: Wedge

This is simply my Callaway Diablo Edge P Wedge. I lost my A Gap wedge on a green somewhere a few years ago. I was a sniper from 75 yards with that club. My P Wedge is my bump and run or 75 yard out tool.

Short Game Weapons: 56 Degree Wedge

I use my Titleist SM4 Vokey 56 degree wedge primarily to get me out of green side bunkers. I do not have the touch to attack greens with it from the fairway. If struck with too much loft, the ball travels 30 of the required 60 yards and that sucks.

Short Game Weapons: Loft Wedge

This treasure was found at a flea market when I secured a Callaway Big Bertha set of irons spanning from the 1 iron to the Lob Wedge. I mounted and hung the 1 and 2 iron on the CGU-HQ walls. The Lob Wedge found it way into my bag because when the ball hits the green off this club, the ball stops dead. I am learning the touch because this club has the potential to be a tap in making machine.

Short Game Weapons: Rezults Chipper

This club is great for a bump and run just off the green where you could putt. I like this club due to the air it gives the ball to fly over the first stage of the ball’s journey. The Chipper flies precise compared to using a 7 iron for the same shot. This is why my 7 iron now sits in the golf club graveyard in my garage. As I previous discussed, this club does not meet USGA rules but I play it anyway.

So inclusion, make sure you have the right short game weapons. We can update our quote to:

Drive for show. Short game to the hole.

(needs work)

What clubs do you use for your short game?

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