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Open Letter to Driving Ranges

A few weeks ago, I opened my feelings to teaching golf pros to help them help us. Today, I would like to open the dialog to driving ranges. I am a fan of going to the driving range and polishing my swing. But there is an element that no driving range has ever had and the first one to listen to me will change the game.

New improved on left. (I am still learning photo editing. HA!)

Message to Driving Range Operators

Dear Driving Ranges,

I would like to thank you for the time you afford me to work on my golf swing. The game of golf involves a multitude of skills and techniques which require constant practice. Every afternoon or evening session is dedicated to becoming a better golfer.

There is one area of the game that no driving range has yet to offer a practice option: unlevel lies. Whether we hit from grass or turf, all driving ranges offer a level playing field. This is fine. Except we dod not get to practice unusual attitudes.

Every golfer knows the old adage:

Ball below your feet tend to go right.

Ball above your feet tend to go left.

But we do not know the degree of this influence that the geography has on the golf swing.

With the option to stand in this situations, golfers could practice and see the effects on the ball flight. Techniques could be developed adjust aiming points or swing to neutralize it.

My recommendation is to install two or three mounds along the far side of driving range. These mounds would be wide enough to allow a golf to hit from either ball low or ball high set up. The mounds could measure two feet tall and six feet wide to provide the necessary scenario to practice.

The good scrambling golfer know how to play from unique and poor situations. Offering mounded practice would elevate a driving range’s offering and increase attendance and buckets of balls sold.

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