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George Izett Wood Display

As my passion for displaying golf clubs grows, my dad gave me a unique gift for my birthday. He had my grandmother’s Gio Izett model 440 woods refinished. They are beautiful and remind us all of time before graphite shafts and craftmanship in clubs. I would take the same care to mount these three clubs: 1, 3, and 4 woods.

George Izett Display Layout

The first step in a project is to figure out what I want to do. I took a scrap of wood that was thick enough to hold the clubs. The wood had a live edge that I wanted to keep so I squared off the other three.

Once shaped, I used my router to dig out three channels to hold the clubs. To polish it up, I routed round edges to the three straight edges. The last step was a walnut stain to give the wood some age.

George Izett Display Done

The project fits nicely on the CGU-HQ walls. The stream line vertical display looks slick and does not eat up precious wall space.

What is next? What clubs do you have that would look good on the wall?

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