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Rose Hill Golf Club has Thorns

Rose Hill Golf Club

If you were to map my golf reviews, it is appearant that I am working the Bluffton corridor. This is a target rich environment of golf courses that bled off of Hilton Head as the island community grew. Rose Hill Golf Club is a fine establishment of a golf course. I played my fastest round clocking in at 2 hours and I think you could see a Rose Hill golf cart at a NASCAR track sometime soon.

Rose Hill Golf Club

Rose Hill Golf Club Overview

I pulled into Rose Hill on a misty Saturday morning. I had a 8:00 AM tee time with two randos which is fine by me. By tee time, my new friends never showed so I was off on my own and I shot out of the club house like a shot. These golf carts must have nitros tanks. It was awesome. I zoomed around the course as I was trying to beat the locals reverse shotgun start around 945.

If I Ran Rose Hill Golf Club

There are several greens in need of repair from fungus or other vegetations illness. There is evidence that the team has laid down some new seed. If these greens recover come spring rebirth, the course will be in good shape.

My Favorite Hole at Rose Hill Golf Club

The 10th hole is a fun dog leg left that start with shooting over a water hazard complete with a fountain. Given my power fade drive, I aimed a bit left to allow for ground run as I wanted to avoid hitting from the rough. The green is guarded by a trap in front so it is best to drop it in or play to the right side for a safe option.

Is Rose Hill Worth the Money?

I paid $40 to play Rose Hill and I felt that was fair. I will return in the spring and see if the green return and what the fairways look like.

PS: I returned in the spring and my opinion slightly skewed down. the greens were sprouting weeds that made putts tricky and some of the greens had not healed from the winter. There are other courses on the Bluffton corridor to try but it is a bargain.

Rose Hill Scorecard

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