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The Worst Shot In Golf

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I stand there frozen in time. All my preparations were for nothing. Years of study held no answers. Hours of practice, soar muscles, blistered hands, and sweat stung eyes failed me. The golf ball went no where near where I thought it should as I hit the worst shot in golf. What image just popped in your mind’s eye? For each golfer there is a “worst shot” in golf that freezes the blood and destroys a productive scorecard.

My Worst Shot in Golf List

Of all the shots in golf, these shots are the dementors of my game:

  • Splash down
  • Trapped on the beach
  • Topped shot
  • Bent flight path
  • Disappearing golf ball

Splash Down

Water hazards add an element of beauty and tranquility to a golf course. In some parts of the world, they house exotic wildlife from turtles to snakes to alligators. The chemical bond of two hydrogen atoms to a single oxygen atom create a magnetic pull to the rubber core of a golf ball. I can’t decide which is worse to see a ball splash down in the middle of a water hazard or see it trickle down a sloped bank and kurplunk into a water grave. Either way a penalty stroke is the whip cream on the sundae of the kick to the shins.

Water hazard
Water hazards pull golf balls to watery graves

Trapped on the Beach

Sand trap shots require the most amount of touch for a golfer. The swing is unique with an open face and hitting behind the ball. The only thing worse than hitting a sand shot is hitting two or three from the same trap. Or maybe hitting out of one trap to end up in another trap on the other side of the green. Or hitting our of fairway trap to land in a green side sand bunker.

View from beginning of hazard. Worst sand trap I have ever been stuck in. Scotland Run.

Topped Shot

I will top a ball when I am trying to crush the golf ball beyond my normal capabilities. For example, I try to reach a par 5 in two swings from 220 yards out. The dreams of glory and an eagle putt dropping pop like a bubble when the sound of the clink of ball contact echos. The ball’s top spin send it ten feet then skip another 30. All the confidence is sucked from the air and now I try to save par. Ugh.

Topped right into the mud.

Bent Flight Path

There is nothing more awe inspiring than watching a golf by climb straight and true into the sky. On the flip side, there is nothing more soul crushing than seeing that ball take a right turn mid flight. The ball starts out straight as it climbs into the blue sky but then it sees a squirrel and good bye.

Bye bye.

From this point, my mind does math faster than a college student on figuring how much can be consumed on dollar beer night. I picture my scorecard before and after the penalty strokes. I also review the rulebook and hope I just sent my ball on a jungle expedition into a lateral hazard. Will there be a white stake?

The Amazing Disappearing Golf Ball

It has happening too often to me but I hit a drive just in the rough that is not cut too high. I walk up and search the area it should have been and POOF no golf ball! After several passes, the damn thing grew legs or some squirrel stole it or the previous foursome must have stolen it! Nothing left but to drop and take the penalty stroke. I guarantee the next foursome will stumble upon it and say “Hey some one left their golf ball just sitting here in plain sight. It’s mine now.”

I swear it went in right by the 150 marker!

What is the worst shot in golf in your mind?

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