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What are my Golf KPIs 2019 vs 2018?

Here we are in July so I thought I would look back on the fist half of golfing and see how I am doing compared to the whole of 2018. Take stock and see where I can do better to make 2019 the best golf year ever! (it hasn’t been yet). I looked at my golf KPIs to measure my peak performance and see if 2019 is showing progress over 2018.

Golf KPIs

The phrase KPIs is batted around corporate offices when people want to to sound smart instead of asking “How are we doing?” KPIs stand for Key Performance Indicators.

A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets. High-level KPIs may focus on the overall performance of the business, while low-level KPIs may focus on processes in departments such as sales, marketing, HR, support and others.

So with this in mind, what are my golf KPIs and where can I find them? I took a look at my trophies in the Grint app and wanted to measure my peak performance. I picked a few to look at based on the following ideas:

  • What marks a great round?
  • When did I minimizes errors?
  • When did the game get away from me?

I picked the following golf KPIs:

  • Lowest score – Obvious!
  • Fewest putts – Putts are a 1/3 of the strokes on a scorecard.
  • Most pars and birdies in a round – When the kid is on fire!
  • Fewest bogeys and double bogeys in a round – Stem the bleeding.
  • Fewest 3 putts and penalties in a round – Did not give strokes away.

My Golf KPIs: 2018 vs. 2019

Here is how I am doing:

I would say there are signs of improvement. These numbers represent the best I play so there were rounds where the golf gods demanded repayment for lucky bounces. It shows my potential has increased in 2019.

Golf KPIs to Improve

I see that I still give away too many strokes to penalties. these penalties strokes result in bogeys at the minimum and usually a double bogey.

What golf KPIs would you measure to show progress?

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