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Improve Golf Game From Tee to Green

I stated a goal to lower my handicap to a 15 a few posts ago. To achieve this goal, I will need to improve my golf shot execution from the tee box to the fairway to short game and finally to my putting. Incredibly each element is linked the the previous shot and influences the next shot. I looked at my stats in the Grint and know where I need to improve.

Improve Golf Game Strategies

Here is how I plan to get better:

golf game improvements
Improve golf game from tee to green.

Sure these goals sound lofty and there is no meat to the strategy. I provide no drills or techniques to adjust my swing style. The key to success is the fact that I shown I play holes with confidence and shoot a par or bogey with a tap in putt. The challenge to myself lies in the mental constitution to play each hole to my best. Minimize mistakes and play the game one shot at a time.

When I miss fairways off the tees now, the ball comes to rest a few yards on the rough. Penalties often come from errant drives. With more tee shots in the fairway, I can attack more greens. If I do end up short of green, I am working on my Lob wedge to drop the ball within three to five feet of pin and stop. This will afford me tap in putts for par.

I know one area that will accelerate achieving my goal is par 3s. I average a 4.2 on par 3s which equates to several double bogey dragging me down. These short holes offer attack situations that can hone my short game play. I need to hit more par 3 greens off the tees.

I can do this!

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