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Great Golf Teacher: Wiley E. Coyote

This is the second in a series looking an unconventional golf teacher. These tutors might not even play golf or ever reference it in their teachings. The first teacher (or sifu) we looked at was Bruce Lee. His writings are very inspirational to me. The next teacher I would like to discuss is Wiley E. Coyote, (Super Genius).

Chasing that Elusive Birdie

There is no one who can deny Wiley Coyote’s commitment to his end goal of catching the Road Runner. Though he my quick after each episode, he is always back next time to try yet again. Let’s take a dissect his passion and processes in two areas and think of how we can apply it to our golf game:

  • Embracing technology
  • Openness to try new methods

Embracing Technology

Wiley Coyote can be seen as the sole customer who keeps Acme in business. I would think Amazon would have grabbed him as a mascot by now. With each deliver of Acme, Wiley Coyote is trying something new to make him faster and more competitive with the Road Runner’s superior speed.

There are plenty of apps and other tools we can use to evaluate our golf game. I built this webpage as an excuse to buy these crazy gadgets and see if any will help my golf game.

Openness to Try New Methods

Wiley Coyote could run after the Road Runner but this never works so he must discover a new method. He must use catapults, rocket skates, swings, or magnets & metal seeds. As a master engineer, he can use his imagination to think outside the box and discover that elusive solution

If my swing is broken and I cannot fix it, I am open to try something new. I will watch a few YouTube videos (click here to see my new favorite on golf hacks by or swallow my pride and take a lesson.

Where Wiley Coyote Fails – Self Belief

For anyone who attended a self help seminar at the airport Hilton or read a book on mentally improving your golf game, there comes a time when you call “BS!” Shooting 72 is not possible not because I do not believe in myself but because I hit every 4th drive with a power slice into the woods. But what if I did believe? What if I did clap for Tinkerbell? Positive thought can defeat pessimism but only if the will is strong. Positivity evaporates like morning dew under the harsh sunny of grumpy thoughts.

Remember all the times Wiley Coyote runs or flies off a cliff with his eyes on the prize. He speeds right off into the open air and nearly makes the next cliff until he looks down. And this is the key point to take to the course. If he never looked down, he would make it every time! He was focused on the prize and let doubt and realty change his focus and trajectory.

Catch My Road Runner

So, next time I am on the course and I hit a chip shot with the hozzle of my wedge, I will keep my eyes on the road beyond the cliff and not on the valley below.

What cartoon character would make a great golf teacher?

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