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The Most Unique Set of Golf Clubs

I know I have unique look at life and in turn golf. I found a golfing style that fits me but might hold me back from lower scores. Recently, I retired my TaylorMade Rocketballz 4 and 5 hybrid after a long time a disappointing ball contact. I lost my confidence with these clubs and soon found I could smash my TaylorMade M2 6 hybrid 200 yards. My golf bag looks funny with so much empty room since I don’t carry that many golf clubs.

My Golf Clubs

Here is all the golf clubs I carry and how they are used:

Though the 7 iron is in the photo above. It will soon find its way in to my garage for retirement. I find a chip shot is more effective compared to a bump and run.

By USGA rule 14 (b) 1, I can carry 14 clubs which means I disregard 5 clubs and carry a light bag. I guess someday I will transition back to a full set of irons but for now I am having fun.

There are clubs in my garage that might find there way into my bag:

These clubs and some others I pick up and wiggle in Dick’s Sporting Goods feel fine but do they fill a role or just add weight to my golf bag?

What are you carrying? What club should you discard?

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