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Crescent Pointe Golf Club Sets a New Record

Every time I step onto a golf course, I expect to have fun and enjoy myself. Sure, there will be ups and downs but that is the game of golf. When I stepped onto Crescent Pointe Golf Club, I did not realize that I would leave the course six golf balls lighter, with a battered ego, and a 101 on the scorecard. All records for the worse in recent memory. Despite this mental beating, what did I think of the course? Very nice course and worth a return trip, for revenge to my handicap.

Crescent Pointe Golf Club

Crescent Pointe Golf Club Overview

Crescent Pointe is a very well laid out course that uses water and sand traps wisely. I scored a 101 all on my own thanks to a series of slices off the tee and second guessing myself. When I found myself in a sand trap, the trap was well cared for and I hit a nice shot out. If you play here, find out where the trouble is lurking from hidden water hazards (1st hole) to sloping fairways that will roll errant shots right off the fairway. It might be better to play cautious the first time. I did not and the course stole my pride and dignity a few times. Luckily, I was playing alone and there were no witnesses to see me having a Donald Duck fit.

If I Ran Crescent Pointe Golf Club

There really was not much to polish at this course. I enjoyed the course just not my level of play that day.

My Favorite Hole at Crescent Point Golf Club

The par 5 11th hole came in the top position for me for its layout and it was the last hole I played well that day. This par 5 takes a tee shot to fly over a water trap and then two easy approach shots to get into position to go for the pin. It was one of the few holes I played to my potential that day.

Is Crescent Pointe Golf Club Worth the Money?

Yes. You can add this course to your Bluffton/Hilton Head checklist. Bring a few extra balls just in case your drives are not accurate like mine were. Despite my miserable performance, I will return to play the course again at a better skill level. There is no way I can play a course that badly twice. Right?

PS: I played this course again and shot a 95. A handful of bad holes but I found a bogey par rhythm later in the day.

Crescent Pointe Golf Club Scorecard

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