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1 & 2 Iron Callaway Big Bertha Display

More news from the CGU-HQ wood shop. I recently completed one of the most challenging projects to date. Mostly due to my lack of woodworking skills and abundance of imagination and a dash of persistence. I found a full set of 1996 Callaway Big Bertha irons. I MEAN full set: 1 iron to L Wedge. All in good shape. I began to think how to display such an expansive set but in the end only two golf clubs needed public exhibition: the 1 and 2 iron.

Golf Clubs Display Case

I wanted to do a shadow box display so I worked out a mounting board with green felt cover and a frame with rails to secure the mounting board and leave room for securing the clubs with cooper wire.

Lock Miter Joints – Such a Pain!

After some online research, I found the lock miter joint to be the best corner to rout for the frame. The challenge was setting my router table to the right height and measuring the boards to the right length hoping the inside length would equal the length of the mounting board. I am not proud to say this caused so much scrap wood. I need more practice.

Finishing the Frame

Once I did get the joints right, it took some nimble hand works to get all four sides glued with the mounting board snuggled in its tracks. To keep pressure during the glue drying, I used a framing strap system that squeezes the pieces together.

What’s Next?

I think the next project will be a live edged slab of maple that I will set two woods into the wood in depressions. Stay tuned.

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