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Improving My Golf Game from Tee to Green

I am at a stage of arrested development or golfing scoring stagnation. My scores average in the Grint shows my average score at 92.5 and my handicap at 17.3 trending to 17.5. My handicap continues to slip from 16 and it makes me sad. (Sigh). So, self pity is over and now I need a plan of attack. Let’s lay it out kids.

My Golf Improvement Plan

Here is how I will improve my game in the five common areas:

golf game improvements
Improving golf game from tee to green.

Can the Kid Do It?

I do not think these are too lofty and some lead into others.

  • Good tee shot allows for attacking the green.
  • Being just off green leads to being able to chip close to the pin.
  • Not losing golf balls allows for lower scores.

What would your plan of attack be to lower your scores?

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