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Rezults Chipper is It Just the Right Club?

The USGA rules 4.1(a) dictates that a golfer can only carry 14 clubs in a golf bag. On recent inspection of my own golf bag I noticed I was below the 14 golf club rule. My mind started spinning of all the great clubs for sale online or at your local sporting goods store. I felt stocked at the top end of the bag so I thought about wedges but I can’t hit anything greater than 56 degrees with confidence. That is when I stumbled upon the Rezults Chipper at my local Edwin Watts and decided to give it a swing.

Rezults Chipper Description

The Rezults Chipper simply put is a putter with a wedge like face. The aiming ball behind the face makes aiming easy. The head’s weight makes pendulum swinging easy.

Rezults Chipper

Using a Rezutls Chipper

This is a new club so it took me time to learn how and when to use it. I am finding it works well if I land five feet or less from the green. There is a touch I am learning which is similar to a long putt. Also, do not help the club and swing your hands up on your through swing but instead move your hands forward to keep from chipping the ball. Properly struck, the ball will launch with a noticeable back spin but this burns off after a bounce or two.

Rezults Chipper in action.

I have been surprised by the result of a few of my shots with the Rezults Chipper.

Is It Legal?

Before you go running out to your local golf shop or log onto Amazon, there are arguments against the legality of chipper clubs. Does the USGA consider them legal or illegal? Quoting from the USGA website:

Do chippers conform?

Yes, chippers are iron clubs not putters, and therefore must conform with the requirements for woods and irons. For example, chippers may not have a putter grip, two striking faces or appendages for aiming purposes.

See Part 2, Sections 1 through 5 of the Equipment Rules.

So does the Rezults Chipper stand up to the USGA laws of golf?

Rezults Chipper

Well crap! That is it, kids. I am an outlaw and now wanted by the USGA. And the in the end, I don’t care. HA! I will use this club as I see fit since I am not going pro anytime soon.

Is the Rezults Chipper Worth the Money

I believe I paid $30 for my Rezults Chipper. An acceptable amount for an experiment in my golf bag. There are golf purist that will say the same shots can be made with an iron already in your bag and they are correct but I shed a lot of my irons. I just find the stroke with the Rezults Chipper smoother than a choked down 7 iron. If you have room in your bag, find yourself short of greens often, and have the money to blow, give the Rezults Chipper a go.

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