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Can a Single Hole Define a Golf Course?

A standard golf round golf consists of 18 holes because a bottle of whisky contains 18 shots, or so the the legend goes. Picture a favorite golf course in your mind. What came to mind? A fly over entire course or THAT one hole? Sometimes a single how can define a golf course and is the reason to play the course over and over again.

What Makes a Golf Hole Special?

I have yet to play the famous international golf courses that are treated with the reverence of holy pilgrimages. Yet, the courses I play on a regular basis contain some holes that pop in my mind when I think of a course. There is something special about these golf holes that earned them rent free space in between my ears.

Here are the elements that make a hole stand out in my mind:

  • Good layout: Not a simple grip it and rip it but a shot making hole. Strategy comes into play and it must be followed to avoid danger, real danger.
  • Nemesis hole: Sometimes a hole just has my number and each time I play it an epic battle of wills ensues.
  • Different that the rest of the course: Some special golf holes have different characteristics than the rest of the golf course. It could be green undulation or hazard layout. It is just special and a tip of the hat goes to the architect.

Some of My Favorite Defining Golf Course Holes:

White Clay Creek #3: This par 5 requires a shot making journey that ends on a multiple tiered green. A par here is a victory that carries the rest of the day.

Heron Glen #16: Another shot making par 5 that rewards caution and punishes fools who try to go for the green in 2. I swear the dead tree guarding the green is alive and swats golf balls from the sky.

Scotland Run #16: This dogleg right hole has the most epic sand trap running along the right side that is a true wasteland and cost me four or five strokes. Someday I will return to have my revenge!

scotland run

Each one of these holes can make my day or dash my dreams of glory with a single missed shot.

What are some of the golf course that have a signature hole that you like to play?

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