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Hilton Head National: The Name Says It All

If a golf course has the words “Hilton Head” in the name, there is a connotaiton of quality and southern class and style. One would also expect it on the island itself. You are right that Hilton Head National is classy but it is not on the island but just off. Do not worry because this is a course you will want to play on your southern golf excursion.

Hilton Head National

Hilton Head National Overview

I popped onto Hilton Head National on a sunny Saturday in January. I was paired up with two local gentlemen who played it regularly and they helped me pick my target areas. The course was in great shape for the dead of a southern winter with the greens in great shape. Like all superb courses, the sand traps were well groomed and easy to play out of. There are some holes that will make you pay for mistakes but overall the course played straight forward.

Hilton Head National

If I Ran Hilton Head National

There really is not much I can say that needs to be improved or polished with this course. Maybe throw in a GPS in the cart or a practice sand trap by the clubhouse but this is a small thing given the courses overall style and quality.

Favorite Hole at Hilton Head National

The par 4 5th hole came in s my favorite. The main reason was the dog leg right fit by power fade tee shot. The green is big and gentle sloping gifted me a par with two putts.

hilton head national

Is Hilton Head National Worth the Money?

Yes. Mark this down as a stop if you are playing in the Bluffton/Hilton Head area. The course is beautiful and you will not be disappointed.

Hilton Head National Scorecard

Hilton Head National

Hilton Head National Contact Info

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