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A Nasty Bit of Rough is a Tasty Tale of Golfing Revivals

The name David Feherty needs no introduction to the world of golfing. His resume covers the gambit of golfing from commentary to writing books and countless article for Golf Magazine and many books. His commentary on EA Sports Tiger Woods golf and his smart ass comments were awesome. A Nasty Bit of Rough is his fictional tale of two rival golfing communities full of jokes, imaginary golf clubs, and rich descriptions.

Brief Plot Review

A Nasty Bit of Rough centers around Feherty’s Uncle Dickie and his beloved Scrought’s Woods country club which is

…the most exclusive golf course in the world, a club so secretive that its whereabouts are unknown to all but a select few. In fact, some of its members have a hard time finding it.

Scrought’s Woods is not a standard golf course and those who below are not standard either. It is the colorful cast of characters and the style of golf they play that make this book entertaining and funny. The crux of the plot revolve around the competition with the McGregor clan of Tay Club over the prize of St. Andrew’s middle finger, “The Digit.”

A Nasty Bit of Rough Clubs

My favorite part of the book was the imagination used to redraw what golf courses could be and crazy golf clubs. Feherty includes diagrams of the unique clubs used by the members to conquer the unique course in the book.

Available this year for your golfing needs. (?)

A Nasty Bit of Rough: Buy, Borrow, and Bypass

This book is a hard BUY for me. Call it a beach book if you must. Do not expect to learn anything to help your game. Just enjoy the ride because it is a fun one.

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