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Best Time to Change Your Golfing Strategy

Each time I step on the golf course, I entertain a level of expectation for my performance. Each club in my bag earned the right to be there and not in the garage based on previous shot making. There are times though when a club isn’t working as if it needs new batteries. At these instances, I find the need to call an audible and change my golfing strategy. When is the right time and when is it too late?

I Can Change

A great example of having to change my golfing strategy occurred when I was playing Bacon Park Golf Course. I was playing a solid round with one weakness, my 56 degree wedge. This is a a great club for a lofty pitch when there is not a lot of green to the pin. My problem with this club is that I need some grass to strike the ball smoothly and the course’s grass was still dormant in the winter season. After two chunked shots, I retired the club to my bag and adapted from there on out.

Signs to Change Your Golfing Strategy

Here are some signs that you need to change your golfing strategy mid round:

golf strategy

When to Change Your Golfing Strategy

These are the times to change your strategy:

  • On the front 9
  • If the shot or club failed you twice
  • You doubt yourself walking up to the ball

How to Regain Your Golfing Strategy

There is a simple way and it is PRACTICE. Hit the range with that elusive club or shot and chew up a bucket of balls. It may also be the time to seek professional help with that specific club as well. Until you are ready to commit the time and concentration to heal yourself, leave the club in your car trunk.

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