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Callaway Heaven Wood is Sent from Above

All golfers have that stash of clubs in the corner of the garage. They consist of mixed into the old set you keeps for out of town friends or the garage sale that never happens. I, myself, cultivated such a collection and one club within is the Callaway HeavenWood 7. This club traveled through sheds and garages and golf bags of my family with great reverence. Let’s take a look at this club and why I can’t let it go.

Callaway HeavenWood

Callaway HeavenWood 7

The HeavenWood is part of the Big Bertha series of clubs from Callaway which is one of the most popular set of clubs in golfing history. The use of a 7 wood is rare enough outside of the elder golfer demographics or as a club to play from the rough. This club offers a sweet swing with a light head and graphite shaft.

My Use of Callaway HeavenWood 7

I adopted this club years ago to help my out in my office Wednesday night league. We played White Clay Creek Country Club and the course is not forgiving. (see my review here) We played the front 9 and the two par 3s are quite long ( #4 at 177 yards and #7 at 182 yards from the white tees). At the time, I did not have solid control of my 5 iron so I wanted a club with length but control. I found the HeavenWood in my dad’s shed and borrowed it. This was the club I was looking for!

The HeavenWood’s loft provides a great flight path to attack a par 3 green. The ball launches off the club and continues to climb at its max distance it drops almost straight down. Perfect flight path to grab a green 180 yards out. My performance on the par 3 improved and I kept the club in my bag for years.

Callaway HeavenWood: Buy, Borrow, or Bypass

When I comes to random clubs like the HeavenWood, it is up to each golfer to determine if this club fits a missing link in your bag? For me it did but eventually my game evolved and the club lost its role in my game. I would say borrow this club if you can find anyone with it. I saw one on Ebay for $35 which equates a good box of golf balls.

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  1. I found one for $30 at a local golf pro shop and used it to replace my long irons so the irons in the bag are now just the 7 8 9 and 3 wedges. Keeping an eye out for the 9 wood which my brother uses with diabolical accuracy. The HeavenWood is so good off the fairway and rough that I also dumped my rescue #4.

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