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The Range Bucket List

The term bucket list is fun and yet dark phrase to describe adventures and experiences we want to have before we depart for the clubhouse in the sky. In The Range Bucket List, James Dodson shares his experiences checking off items his golf bucket list written as a teenager in love with the game of golf.

James Dodson’s Range Bucket List

James Dodson has had a great career in golf through writing about its course, players, and history. This career started as a teenager playing golf where he wrote a list of things he wanted to do. His list included:

  • Meet Arnold Palmer and Bobby Jones
  • Play Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Make a Hole in one
  • Play on the PGA tour
  • Get new clubs
  • and more.

This book is a look at the events that checked off the boxes. James shares stories that include his work with Arnold Palmer writing his biography, playing rounds with his aging father, his tenure living and playing at Pinehurst. His style of writing is easy going and conversational where you become not just a witness to these personal and touching stories but sitting in the room or walking the course with him.

Favorite The Range Bucket List Passage

Each chapter is a different adventure on James’ golf journey. My favorite was his round with the author John Updike. The pair played Updike’s course prior to its opening in the spring and made the most of it. Their enjoyment of the game and the company of a fellow golfer is something we should all strive for. I especially enjoyed the part where course security came to shoo them away until he notice Mr. Updike, a member, was one of the players. I can see myself getting into the same kind of mischief.

The Range Bucket List: Buy, Borrow, or Bypass

I would say this book is a buy and would make a good gift for any golfers looking to get more out of golf than just a simple round of 18 holes with the boys. Golf’s rich history and community make it a great journey for us all to explore and take.

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Of course, this book made me think about what I want to get out of golf with my remaining strides down the fairway. Here are a few:

  • Play Pebble Beach
  • Play in Scotland
  • Wedge shot out of green side bunker into the hole
  • Teach golf

More to be added but I feel that is a fair place to start.

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