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Tale of Two Wedges

So there I was on the 11th hole at Bacon Park, I was just off the green by five feet with my ball resting on the grass between two sand traps. The flag sat five feet from the fringe and left ten feet afterward before the hole sloped violently down to a stream. I grabbed my Titleist Vokey Milled SM4 56 degree wedge and tried a few swings but did not feel confident so switched to my Calloway Diablo Pro Edge PW and skulled the ball right over the green and into the crap.

Skip to the 12th hole where my third shot was 20 feet from the green with a front pin position. I learned my lesson and grabbed my 56 degree wedge and successfully chipped the ball 15 feet leaving me 5 feet short of the green and mentally and morally confused. The tail of two wedges. I can never seem to get the right choice and cost me shots and self esteem.

How to Hit Two Different Wedges?

This post is a plea for help. I have a nice touch with my PW. From 75 yards in, I can get myself in a decent putting range for two putts a high percentage of the time. I attest this to my devotion to the club during driving range practice. See my post of my club rotation at the driving range here.

My 56 degree wedge works well enough from the sand as long as I concentrate on the entire swing from sand contact to follow through. I guess you can say that about any shot. I try to work on my flop shot at the driving range but do not have 100% confidence in it yet that I have the range calibrated in my swing yet.

My greatest challenge is wanting to chip a 25 to 30 yard 56 degree edge shot. The best shot is when the pins in the front position where roll is not desired. I usually skull the ball or send it short half the yardage. Mastering this shot I know would help me avoid triple bogeys due to double chipping on to the green.

What are some drills I can use to develop the touch for a good lofty wedge shot? Does this club require a different hand position? Looking for your tips and tricks to help me out.

Thanks for the help and support.

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