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Golf and Cigars

An average round of modern golf lasts about four hours and thirty minutes. This is a great chance to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air on the rolling green landscape of a golf course. For me, the open air is a great opportunity to enjoy a cigar with friends. A good golf course, good company and good cigars make for a fine day of golfing.

Home humidor stuffed to the gills

Let me be clear that I understand cigars are not for everyone but here are some reason I like them and how to enjoy them during a round of golf:

Golf & Cigars Tip #1: Find Your Brand

To enjoy cigars, find a cigar you like. In my experience, some cigar shop owners can be snootier than wine snobs and others are super helpful to find a good cigar to try. My favorite brand is Drew Estate’s Acid brand cigars. The wrappers have unique flavors that enhance the smoking experience. Some people do not like these flavors. I do and that is good enough for me.

Golf & Cigars Tip #2: The Right Equipment

To enjoy a cigar on the golf course, I recommend three pieces of equipment: a travel humidor, a torch and a cutter. The travel humidor protects the cigars from damage due to abusive contact and drying out in the oven that is a golf bag. A good torch will light a cigar in 25 knot winds. There are not many good places to hide besides behind a golf cart in a fairway. A cutter is good to have but many torches include a punch on the bottom to cut a hole in the cigar wrapper.

cigar travel case
Cigar travel case with torch and cutter.

Golf & Cigars Tip #3: Sharing

Think back to grade school, when you came to school with birthday cupcakes, you had to bring enough for the whole class. I always pack at least 4 cigars when I play. I know for sure certain golfers i play with will have their own. If we are playing with new golfing friends, I ask first off if they mind if we smoke (good manners) and if they want one.

Golf & Cigars Tip #4: Afterwards

When I finish enjoying my cigar, I make sure it is completely out by dumping water on it until there is no more warmth in the cigar. I do not want to see in the news the next day that my favorite course was the epicenter of a wildfire blaze taking down half the county. My bad!

Bonus Tip:

One of the bad aspects of cigar smoking is the taste of dirt in your mouth afterwards. To lessen this death breath, chew several pieces of dark chocolate after a cigar. The oils in the chocolate help to remove the cigar taste. I still have to chew a couple sticks of gum before my wife will give me a kiss.

Dan’s Cigar Recommendation


What is your favorite cigar to enjoy on the golf course?

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