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GolfLogix Offers Information Out the Wazoo

Smartphones and golf go together like shanking an approach shot after a 275 yard drive down the middle. There are plenty of apps out there that offer insight that can help you play smarter put laser range finders in the garage next to 7 woods and 65 degree wedges. GolfLogix is one of those apps that makes shot selection easier with clear images of the course and multiple yardage readings.

GolfLogix Functionality

I took GolfLogix out for a spin to put it to the test. GolfLogix is very easy to use as it must be to compete these days. I found the color picture of the hole overview easy to read and the app provides plenty of information to help with my shot and club selection. The aim point can be dragged to a desired landing area. The app provides plenty of yardage measurement to keep decision making points.

GoflLogix Overview screens

GolfLogix Scoring

I like using an app to score my rounds as it helps me track my progress and build my handicap (which has stagnated in the high teens). As we all know, I really like the Grint (see my review here) and I use it every round I play. It is fair to say that I measure very app against the Grint. This is as an unpaid ambassador.

GolfLogix scoring styling does not meld with my mental style of scoring. I play like Ken Roger’s Gambler and never count my score until the round is over and I am walking to my car. There are several areas that GolfLogix and I do not line up from a mental scoring method. This is not a negative against the app but not my bag, baby.

  • Score by number and name: The app tells you if you got a birdie, par, bogey or multiple bogeys. I do not like this as the negativity of the word bogey seeping into my mental armor.
  • Tracking score and par status on each hole overview: I aim to shoot a 90 or better each round. I play better if I do not track would I need to shoot to make that but just play my game. GolfLogix puts this in the bottom right of each hole overview as you play.

GolfLogix scores a hole by asking for:

  1. Score
  2. Putts
  3. Drive accuracy
GolfLogix scoring screens

For my design, I would reverse the order. The Fairway section has plenty of chooses but there are times when the slope of the fairways rolls a good drive off into the rough. Tracking hooks or slices can provide a nice to do list for the next driving range session.

Is GolfLogix Worth the Money?

I would say Yes GolfLogix is worth the money for a GPS/scoring app. I will stick with the Grint but that is based on my familiarity with it and GolfLogix score tracking.

GolfLogix offers GolfLogix Plus packages that allow access to “exclusive features” including:

  • Putting View
  • Approach View
  • Ad-Free
  • Club Tracking
  • More

With my shall we say “unqiue” style of play with my plethora of hybrid clubs, I do not find club tracking very useful in this or any app.

Best deal is listed at $49.99 for the year. Not sure I need these bells and whistles. I am still on the fence of apps reading the greens but that is a post for later.

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