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Crosswinds Golf Club: Cleared for Landing

Some golf courses offer unique view of local attractions or weave through expensive neighborhoods. Crosswinds Golf Club offers great airplane watching at it sits off the approach end of runway 10 of Savannah International Airport (SAV). Be prepared to have putts shaken by airplanes flying overhead including new Gulfstream G650s.

Crosswinds Golf Club

Crosswinds Golf Club Overview

Crosswinds is a fun course that I enjoy playing. The course makes you pay for mistakes or miss hit shots with water hazards or greedy trees lining the fairways. The first time playing I would encourage cautious play. Be wary when looking for splash down golf balls as many alligators call Crosswinds Golf Club home.

Crosswinds Golf Club

If I Ran Crosswinds Golf Club

The main improvement Crosswinds needs is revitalization of their sand traps. Some fairway bunkers remained stagnate for so long that vegetation has started to take them over. I replayed the course a few weeks after my initial round and was very happy to see the ground crew loading new sand into a few green side bunkers. Remember though, bunkers need love and care to stay fresh. Morning groomings help to keep the sand from settling into a floor harder than cement.

Favorite Hole at Crosswinds Golf Club

The 7th hole is the one where you will listen to the little red guy on your shoulder. The hole measures 255 from the white tees and you can see the pin through two stands of tees. If you can thread your drive through this window, the green is yours. If not, be prepared for a tricky second shot. Wisdom will tell you to “lay up” in the fairway with a driver or 3 wood. Fun hole to play this risk vs. reward game.

Crosswinds Golf Club

Is Crosswinds Worth the Money?

I would say yes as I played the course twice since my review. My main reason was to avenge my poor showing the first time. I enjoy the course with some of its water guarded greens and also the shorter par 4 that take strategy over power. Stop by Crosswinds Golf Club if you are headed to Florida or playing the Hilton Head area. They also have an executive par 3 course for fun or to get the kids into golf.

Crosswinds Golf Club Scorecard

Crosswinds Golf Club

Crosswinds Golf Club Contact Info

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