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PuttOut Pressure Putter Puts Me to the Test

The Casual Golfers United HQ is full of golf stuff (as you would expect). There are clubs on the walls, scorecards stuffed in my desk drawer, golf books on the shelves, old club sets stuffed in a corner and my putting practice range. I pieced this training station together this winter. I added the PuttOut to increase my putting feel and accuracy. Easier said than done as the PuttOut has no mercy.


PuttOut Description

The PuttOut is a simple sloped piece of plastic whose base is equal size to a golf hole. The idea is to roll the ball down the middle like you would on the course. There are two ways to play. One simple roll in and the ball rolls back to you or go for the prize and get it to stick. The second method requires you drop down a leg in the back to expose a hole in the slope that will hold a golf ball if it reaches the hole at just right speed and path. Simple, right? Nope nope nope.

Enjoy the following video of me trying to stick a putt on the PuttOut from three and six feet away (gimme putt range):

Is the PuttOut worth the money?

Retailing at $29.95, I would highly recommend the PuttOut. You can use it on your carpet but I would invest in a putting surface to putt on. I bought a Callaway Executive Putting Mat from the local Target and it works like a charm. I can say it has helped my putting with accuracy and touch. A round of golf averages 35.4 putts per round (1.97 per hole) right now and do not fear four foot putts. Add this to your home training kit and enjoy the benefits of putting with confidence.

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