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When Does a Golf Ball Become Lucky?

The other day, I was playing Bacon Park and had a mixed pocket of golf balls. Lately, my level of play could not be rewarded by playing shiny new golf balls so I have been burning through old or reclaimed balls. On this day, I had three Callaway golf balls: Diablo Tour, Super Soft, Chrome Super Soft Truvis (red). I was playing the Truvis for several holes despite it grungy appearance. My play started to improve and on each tee I made sure the ball that sat atop the tee was the Truvis. Why? It was lucky, wasn’t it?

lucky golf ball

What Makes a Golf Ball Lucky?

Luck for a golfer is a veiled sense of confidence. Casual golfers can never pin down why things go right or wrong so we look to the supernatural. If a golf ball has found the hole in fewer strokes or flown truer than previous ventures, we tend to put our faith in that sphere. Doubt me? Try to change golf balls on the 7th tee on a hot streak of pars. $100 says you won’t or if you do your palms will start to sweat.

What Powers do Lucky Golf Balls Possess?

A lucky ball can help a golfer in many ways. Here are a few advantages that I look forward to enjoying with lucky golf balls:

  • Increased confidence
  • Lucky bounces including off trees and into fairways
  • Extra 20 yards to carry water.
  • An ability to avoid or run through/out of sand traps.
  • Increased visibility in rough

What to do with a Lucky Golf Ball?

There is a simple answer: Play it! Like in baseball, I never mess with a golf streak. If the luck contained in that ball is helping me to relax and play, play that ball to its bitter end. When that luck golf ball leaves my service for a new career in underwater surveying, I thank it for its service and move on. I don’t despair and except the chain of triple bogeys coming my way. I blessed that previous ball and it will take only one new par to transfer my mojo to a new lucky ball.

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