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SwingPlane App is a Golf Coach in Your Pocket

If you are like me, how I swing and how I feel my swing are two different things. I am working on feeling my swing during the downswing to learn to correct poor swing structure. Since this all happens so fast, I need some help and that is where SwingPlane from iGolfApps comes into the practice routine.

SwingPlane Use

The smart phone has represented the greatest advancement in human experience. With cameras on our phones, many apps utilize them to help us see the world. SwingPlane uses your phone’s camera and adds the ability to draw lines for swing planes and click frame by frame to better. The app lets you slow your swing down and analyze your club head path and body movement.

SwingPlane User Interface

Is SwingPlane Worth the Money

I cannot remember how much I paid for this app but I feel it is a fair app. I tried to export the video I shot with lines and insert it into this app but the lines did not export with the video file. Using any phone based swing video app requires either a tripod or a good friend to hold your phone. Before you go to a pro, buy this app and watch yourself swing. It will open your eyes to your try swing and not how you envision you swing.

Are there other swing analyzing apps I should give a try? Let me know what you use.

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