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Building Putter Stand

To start out, I have not exercised any solid wood working skills since middle school shop. The birth of this putter stand came out of two areas: vivid imagination and my wife not supervising my behavior. The project turned out great! I have all my fingers, new knowledge of wood working techniques, more tools than I started out with, a hunger to buy more tools, and more ideas to execute.

Putter Stand Preparation – Top

The first lesson I learned was to make a good wood project get quality wood. Thanks go out to Case Woodworking Supply for their awesome selection and helpful staff. I settled on a nice piece of white maple. I began by drawing the compass rows on the top piece and then removing the wood around it to raise it from the base of the board. I used a circular saw to cut the point straight and sharp. Next came to break out my new Dewalt router and a variety of bits to eat away the rest of the wood. Last step was to drill out the hole in between the compass points for the clubs to slide through.

putter stand, golf club stand

Putter Stand Preparation – Base

The top piece was the more difficult piece for sure. I used my Dewalt router to give the base smooth, rounded edge. Next, I drilled four holes on the corners for the legs. Last step was to drill out holes for the putters to stand in on top of felt pads.

The next step was to sand, sand, and sand some more all sides of the top and bottom. It is amazing how slick wood gets when you use 220 grit sand paper. For the legs, I cut up some old irons to equal heights. The end of the clubs sit on the floor which was a bonus idea from me instead of needing to add footings.

putter stand, golf club stand

Don’t let the pictures fool you because I made so many mistakes and ate up a bunch of wood. I originally was using a big piece of white oak but screwed it up too many times and had to switch to maple. Each mistake plate turned into a piece that I could experiment with a learn style and techniques.

Putter Stand Completion

Once the sanding was done, I used Forby’s Tung Oil Finish to give the wood a nice glow. I let it dry over night before inserting the legs from below and gluing them in place. I must say that the golf legs don’t offer the most stable base the way I attached them so this is a look/don’t touch stand. HA!

putter stand, golf club stand

I am looking forward to my next project which will be a shadow box display for a 1996 Callaway Big Bertha 1 and 2 iron. What other golf club/wood working projects should I take on next?

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