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Old South Golf Links

Some rounds of golf just fall into place. I was attending a retirement dinner for a coworker (great guy). While chatting with a friend, he mentioned that he was in no rush to get home the next day. I chimed in with “I’m playing golf tomorrow morning. You want to join me?” I had spare clubs, extra coat, shag balls, and CIGARS. Tee time at Old South Golf Links bumped to two before dinner was over.

Old South Golf Links Overview

Bluffton, SC history started as the sparsely populated bridge from I-95 to Hilton Head, SC. Over the many decades, Bluffton has come into its own and Old South Golf Links is part of that growth. I enjoyed the course and the vistas through the marsh that caused us to stop and look in-between missing putts.

Old South Golf Links

The course itself was is very good condition for the southern winter (played in late January). The most interesting and frustrating element was the greens. I have never played on greens that stole speed from a putt like Old South does. A normal putt that would have rolled 10 feet past a hole stopped dead a foot short. No one in our threesome every found the groove to these greens.

Old South Golf Links golf course

If I Ran Old South Golf Links

Not much I can say that I would do to improve such a solid course. The staff was pleasant and very welcoming. I could throw in something silly like adding GPS to golf carts if I truly need to check this box.

My Favorite Hole at Old South Golf Links

The 7th hole was my favorite hole because it was a shot making hole. No grip and rip here. You had to play a smart and some what short tee shot and that a lofty iron to stick a green surrounded by the marsh. I did none of these things. I want another run at it.

Old South Golf Links Golf course

My Final Say on Old South Golf Links

South Carolina is a destination for many golf trips. If you are going to be hitting the links around Bluffton and Hilton Head, add Old South to your list.

Old South Golf Links Scorecard

Old South Golf Links scorecard golf course

Old South Golf Links Contact Info

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