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100 Golf Articles!

Can you believe it! 100th article for Causal Golfers United. I started this blog as a new hobby to help me focus on my golf game by writing about it. I learned a lot about my golf game and elements of website management and design. Let’s take a look back and see what the year meant for us.

Golf article

Article Breakdown

How busy have I been writing for this site? Here is the breakdown by topic:

  • Articles: 61
  • Golf Course Reviews: 12 (I had more that I didn’t publish in a timely manner)
  • Golf Training Review: 15
  • Golf Book Review: 11

My Favorite Articles

I had fun doing all the articles and write ups for this website but if I had to pick my favorites here they are:

  • Articles: There is No Spoon It was a fun look into positive visualization as that is key to making a positive step in my golf game.
  • Golf Course Reviews: Heron Glen This is my favorite course to play. I cannot recommend it more than I do.
  • Golf Training Review: Tour Logic Perfect Swing Trainer Fails Perfectly It comes down to the video showing the ball rip off the stand and sail over my house. LOL
  • Golf Book Review: Zen Golf This is the book that changed my golf game. From playing to my own par to playing a course in my mind on the driving range, this book changed my mental game for the better.

Your Top Articles

Here are the top articles by website views:

  1. Callaway Swing Easy Training Aid: Funny yet Functional
  2. Flatball: Do They Fall Flat?
  3. Tour Logic Perfect Swing Trainer Failed Perfectly

Thank you all for your support. I look forward to keep going and learning more about this damn game. If there is anything you want to see, please let me know. Thanks.

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