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100 Golf Articles!

Can you believe it! 100th article for Causal Golfers United. I started this blog as a new hobby to help me focus on my golf game by writing about it. I learned a lot about my golf game and elements of website management and design. Let’s take a look back and see what the year meant for us.

Golf article

Article Breakdown

How busy have I been writing for this site? Here is the breakdown by topic:

  • Articles: 61
  • Golf Course Reviews: 12 (I had more that I didn’t publish in a timely manner)
  • Golf Training Review: 15
  • Golf Book Review: 11

My Favorite Articles

I had fun doing all the articles and write ups for this website but if I had to pick my favorites here they are:

  • Articles: There is No Spoon It was a fun look into positive visualization as that is key to making a positive step in my golf game.
  • Golf Course Reviews: Heron Glen This is my favorite course to play. I cannot recommend it more than I do.
  • Golf Training Review: Tour Logic Perfect Swing Trainer Fails Perfectly It comes down to the video showing the ball rip off the stand and sail over my house. LOL
  • Golf Book Review: Zen Golf This is the book that changed my golf game. From playing to my own par to playing a course in my mind on the driving range, this book changed my mental game for the better.
Favorite golf articles

Your Top Articles

Here are the top articles by website views:

  1. Callaway Swing Easy Training Aid: Funny yet Functional
  2. Flatball: Do They Fall Flat?
  3. Tour Logic Perfect Swing Trainer Failed Perfectly
popular golf articles

Thank you all for your support. I look forward to keep going and learning more about this damn game. If there is anything you want to see, please let me know. Thanks.

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