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An Introvert’s Guide to Golf

You see them at most golf course (sometimes hear them first), the loud gregarious golfer greeting everyone in the club and making chit chat with all the employees. They laugh and joke and look at ease like it is their club. If that is not you, do not worry. Be yourself because you might be an introvert and that is alright by me.

Introvert Definition

The dry dictionary definition of an introvert is someone who is more concerned with their own thoughts and feelings than external things. It could also be called being shy when I was younger. As people grow and mature, some embrace being an introvert and enjoy their own thoughts and company. If this best describes you, this should not dissuade you playing golf.

There are levels of introvertedness (real word?). It also depends if you are trying to open up. Golf is a social game but in my experience the social aspect is easy. No one I have played ever presented themselves as anything but cordial. As I try new courses for this website, I often play alone or get paired with random strangers. Every player I played with has been nice and inviting. Knowing this is a characteristic of the casual golfer, I have no hesitation booking a solo spot on a golf course.

How to Be An Introvert Golfer

Here are some ideas for you if you want to be an introvert golfer:

  • Learn golf cliche phrases: There are several canned phrases that you can use that will sate fellow golfers. They can range from canned compliments like “Well struck.” or “Nice shot.” or “You got robbed on that putt.” These will help your chit chat skills.
  • Learn to ask golfing questions: If you want to divert attention away from yourself, learn to ask other golfers open ended questions that they can talk about for some time. Ask about favorite golf courses, what they think about their clubs, or where you should play next.
  • Play at off hours: If you want to avoid people, find out when people are not on the course. First thing in the morning or late afternoon time slots might work best for you. You might even play in the middle of the week.
  • Open yourself up: In my experience, golfers are a friendly bunch. All the random golfers I have played with have been friendly and courteous. They want to enjoy themselves and want you to play well too. Treat these rounds of golf to work on your small talk and learn with no pressure of after effects.

Golf is a great game and it can help you learn a lot about yourself and help you grow as a person as well.

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