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Another Golf Training Aid P.O.S.

There are things I really like about Amazon. It is convenient and offers so many options and choices. With the vast number of choices, competition enters with low price and lower quality products options. If you do not know the originator of a product, you can get suckered into a piece of sh!t that leaves you frustrated. I fell for such a product with the Golf Swing Pointer.

golf laser pointer

Golf Swing Pointer Description

This is a great idea to help illustrate if you are swinging out to in which we all know results in a slice, the dreaded slice. The product’s simplicity made it a no brainer purchase. You screw it into the hole at the end of the club grip, engage the laser, and swing away. As you take the back swing, the red dot will illuminate where the end of the club is pointing. As you begin your down swing, the red dot should stay inside the line of the ball.

Golf Swing Pointer Faults

There are many issues I had with this piece of crap.

  • Laser disengaged. After several trials, the laser would turn off by itself mid-swing.
  • Red dot not visible. Inside the home, the dot is visible but my house lacks the ceiling space, clearance from couches and lamps, and turf to swing a club. Out on the driving range in the daylight, the red dot is barely visible or not at all.
  • Swing speed. Depending on your swing speed, the red dot might not be visible. I would have to swing at 1/2 or 3/4 speed to train my body to keep the right swing plane and still see the dot.

Golf Swing Pointer Summary

Don’t waster your money. There are other options available on Amazon for more money and maybe they work. I would not buy one until a friend told me it worked as advertised. If you are interested, click here to see your options.

I am getting good use out of the Golf Swing Pointer though:
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