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Playing with the Big Boys from the Blue Tees

There comes a time in every golfers career/life wher eyou face peer pressure like you are in middle school again. The temptations isn’t smoking or drinking (you will do that as soon as you seen the drink cart). It is playing from the blue tees. “Come on. It will be fun. Everyone is doing it.” Will it be fun? Can you handle the added pressure? Yes, you can.

Blue Tees

Distance Between Blue Tees and White Tees

It is common sense but the main difference between the white and blue tees is math in the from of distance. I looked at 10 random scorecards in my desk drawer (could have looked at a lot more, trust me). There is a lot of funny math averaging and ASSuming all course are built the same.

Blue tees versus White Tees

But you see the point that you are adding 24 yards per hole. This means that you will be 174 yards out instead of 150 yards out on a par 4. For me, this means a hybrid 5 instead of a hybrid 6.

Course Rating Between Blue Tees and White Tees

I combed the same 10 scorecards looking at the course rating differences between blue tees and white tees. Remember that the USGA defines a course rating as:

A USGA Course Rating is the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for scratch golfers under normal course and weather conditions.

We discussed course ratings a while back. Click HERE to check it out again.

So you can make the logic jump of the blue tees make the course 2.3 rating points harder for a scratch golfer. You should see an increase for your game then two.

Tee Box Selection by Handicap

At Scotland Run Golf Club, the first tee box has signs at each tee box helping players choose which to use based on their handicap. Knowing your handicap can help you choose the appropriate tee box for the day. I chose the white tees.

Tee box selection by golf handicap

When I Played from the Blue Tees

I recently played from the blue tees twice. The first time, it was based on peer pressure that I folded faster than Superman on laundry day. I played Old South Golf Links I shot a 90 which is bogey golf. I then played Bacon Park Golf Course I scored a 95 while my normal score on average is a 87.2 over the last 5 rounds. The main differences were 5 sand shots on one hole (over the green and back) and a 4 putt on a par 4 once on the green in 2. Both times, distance was not the issue. It might have been more of lack of accuracy with my longer irons.

When to Move Back to Blue Tees?

This is a decision you will have to make for yourself. I will play Bacon Park from the blue tees now since I constantly score 90 or below on the course. For other courses, I would prefer to play from the white tees the first go around unless I play with a local who can provide pointers and tips for hole strategy.

The decision is yours and it depends on the game you want to play. Good luck.

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