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My Golf Souvenir Collection: Poker Chips

Golf poker chips
golf course poker chips

As I scourered the land for new golf courses to play and review, I wanted to build a collection to show off all the work that goes into this website. A collection for others to marvel over when I have classy martini parties at the home. I started to think about what makes a good golf souvenir. After looking at many pro shops’ offerings, I came to settle on poker chips.

Golf Souvenir Options

Each golf course has a pro shop that is trying to sell you some kind of branded item to help keep the lights on. I looked around to see what was commonly available, affordable and packable on long trips.

  • Golf shirt – these can get pricey and I don’t have the ceiling space to hang them like the rafters retired jerseys at the Wells Fargo Center.
  • Scorecards – Free and easy to grab but then I would be showing off my score which usually isn’t anything the brag about or even remember.
  • Pencils – A kin to scorecards with their availability but they end up in the bottom omg bag and stabbing me when I look for ball not scratched and scuffed.
  • Hat – When I first got married, my new bride made me pair down my collection of baseball hats. I now hang/hide them on hooks behind my office closet door.
  • Golf Ball – Easy to find but chance of using by accident or design on a tough course.

The poker chip became the winner for a golf souvenir. They are flat and easy to slip into my pocket. I like the designs with the golf course logo and not too much advertising with telephone numbers or website addresses. The challenge I found was that not all golf courses sell them. What the..?! It can sway my opinion of a course as I head out to the first tee. “No poker chips. What else does this place skimp on?” HA!

My Golf Souvenir Display

My present collection counts at 13 poker chips. I hope to play 12 courses this year and played 5 so far and collected 4 poker chips. My display case has 48 spaces so there is plenty of courses to go. I estimate two to three years to fill it. I place the 2019 collection on the right side and stack them by rankings with my favorite course at the top.

What do you collect for your golfing collection?

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