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Bacon Park Golf Course Review

Some golf courses are not only old but hold a part of golfing history for a town. Bacon Park Golf Course is such a course for Savannah, GA. The course has a crazy history of going from 18 holes to 27 holes and in 2014 back to 18. To learn more about the history, go to What is the course today? A good public course that offers a decent round of golf but not much challenge.

Bacon Park Golf Course Overview

Based in the Coastal Empire, Bacon Park offers a flat play. The first three holes are all straight ahead par 4s which allow you to get warmed up and into a groove. The rest of the course is straight forward with some greens on the back 9 offering angled challenges.

The vista of Bacon Park is wide open where you can see across the course from hole 4 to hole 12. There are some tee boxes that fire into the open and it is hard to find the intended flag to aim at. I played in the winter months but despite that the greens were all in good shape and rolled putts very well.

If I Ran Bacon Park Golf Course

The greatest sin of this course was that in its redesign they did not install cart paths. With a wet fall and winter, golf carts chewed up on some holes like they hosted a tractor pull. I saw one estimate online of $625,000 to redo a golf courses cart paths. Bacon Park needs to invest in this course OR limit players to walking if the course is wet. I have played the course since my initial round and the ruts are healing but the course is in constant jeopardy of this accidental damage.

Bacon Park golf course fairways

Bacon Park Golf Course Favorite Hole

The 16th hole named Triangle is a fun straight ahead par 4. A good drive leaves a wedge shot that needs to get you near the pin to save extra putts. Just keep your drive to center or left as the right side is quagmire that swallows golf balls down to murky grave.

Is Bacon Park Golf Course Worth the Money?

This question always takes perspective. I do think Bacon Park is worth the $22 I paid to walk the course. As a municipal golf course, it is a good course for new golfers or for a knock around game with your friends. Until the course itself is repaired and cart paths envelope the course, the course will not compete with the other golf courses in the Bluffton and Hilton Head area. I will continue to play Bacon Park because the price and it is an easy course to walk.

Bacon Park Golf Course Scorecard

Bacon Park Scorecard

Bacon Park Golf Course Contact Info

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